About Applications

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The RSM Unit within the Development and Investment Bank of Turkey (TKYB) is now asking for a full application from potential Beneficiaries for participating in the RSM for exploratory drilling. This full application requires among others the name of the contact person of the company, the location of the area aimed at and number of wells planned.

A detailed description of the data that is requested as part of the RSM Application has been provided at the application workshop on 5 July 2018 (for all the details).  To qualify for RSM Program participation, eligible Beneficiaries will in general need to fulfill the following qualification criteria:

  1. Hold a valid exploration license.
  2. Have finished surface exploration, including geological-, geophysical- and geochemical exploration.
  3. If wells are already available, provide the information from the wells.
  4. Have constructed initial Conceptual Model (simple or extensive)
  5. Have selected drilling targets and well design.
  6. Have prepared a business model.

As environmentally sustainable geothermal utilization is one of the key objectives of future geothermal development, expected CO2 emissions from successful wells need to be below 583 g/kWh.[1]

Applications to the RSM shall be sent through the “application” tab.

[1] In the case where only very short term flowtesting (couple of days) reveals higher CO2 output, it has to be estimated how likely it is that such results are representative for the long-term emission. It is known that CO2 output can be very high initially, but often decreases rapidly. Therefore, initial CO2 estimates should be taken provisionally, unless long term (few weeks) flowtesting is possible.