The Risk Sharing Mechanism for Geothermal Resource Validation Project has been Launched since 5 July 2018 and project developers are invited to submit proposals until the 28th of September (extended by 4 weeks).

Below the Beneficiary Manual (including all information required for the application by the project developer to apply to the RSM) can be downloaded below:

As part of the Application file, please also fill out the TKB Application form.

This can be downloaded in DOC format by clicking the link below:


Company Name
Contact Person
Contact Person Title and Position
Company Address (Contact Address)
Company Registration No
Company Activities in Geothermal Sector
Fields of Search ActivityProvinceDistrict
The planned number of wells proposed to be financed under the RSM
Please upload your application documents belowNote that the maximum file size is 5 MBAlso note that the files need to be in pdf ADOBE format, except for the fifth file which needs to be in excel
First document (compulsory)
Second document (if needed)
Third document (if needed)
Fourth document (if needed)
TKB Application Form (pdf, compulsory)
Finanicial model in excel file format (xlsx, compulsory)